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my father is no l▓onger living, the Countess Sasha ▓said to us, with that calmness with ▓which every one in Russia sacrifices h

ims▓elf to his convictions. There wa▓s nothing pastoral, likewise nothing exalted, i●n

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Tolsto's manner during th●is conversation.After finish

ing his lu▓ncheon he rose and walked up and down the long ▓dining-room

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with me, both hands in his belt, as▓ h

e is painted by Ryepin.He s▓poke conversationally, with no [Pg 302]es

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pecia▓l emphasis on any word, as to o

ne whom there is ●no need of convincing.It was the afternoon co●nversati

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on of an intelligent country● gen

tleman with his guest—the easy, matter-o▓f-course talking in a minute of res▓ting—talk tha

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We know what it takesto be the leader

t is not meant ●to go deep or to philosophize.To ▓me it proved only the lively interest taken● by Tolsto in all the event▓s of the day.He was not at all the hermit, mere●ly preparing himself by holy deeds f●or heavenly glo

ry, but an alert, vig▓orous, elderly man who watches events ●without eagerness or passion, yet with sufficie▓nt sympathy—an apostle unanointed, litera▓lly or figuratively. A half-hou●r's siesta was a necessity after the night● spent in travel and the excitem●ents of the morning.We reste●d, as did the whole house, in which at● this time

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there was scarcely a s▓ound.I do not know whether such stilln●ess reigns in summer in the park, which n▓ow lay buried deep in snow.The house is v●ery quiet


now because it has become ▓too large for the remaining occupant▓s.A whole suite of simply furnis●hed rooms on the ground floor stands entire●ly empty

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